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 The answer to the question that you heard on the radio on Nick LaCapria's Daily Sports Quiz name the first President in American History to see a pro hockey game in person is

Bill Clinton.


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 tilted Daily Sports Quiz host Nick LaCapria with the World Famous Kilt Girls after Traveling Trivia Sports Show in

El Paso, Texas!


 World Famous Kilt Girls surrounded by a poster mentioning Nick LaCapria's Traveling TrIvia Sports Show appearance a week before the live show date at Titled Kilt in

 El Paso,Texas.


Watch Jessie come from last place to overcome the entire Field to win the Grand Prize and the State of Texas Traveling Triva Sports Show State Championship at Tilted Kilt in El Paso, Texas!

 titled Nick LaCapria hosting the Traveling Trivia Sports Show at Titled Kilt El Paso

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